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5 ways that beards give you confidence


5 ways that beards give you confidence

As beards are now more commonplace than ever before, one may often wonder why beards are grown and looked after so much. It may surprise you to know that beards can help men build more confidence when it comes to looks and physical presence. Read on to understand more about the different ways that beards (and looking after them!) help give you more confidence.

Giving off masculine energy

We have all been a teenager and not been able to grow any facial hair to save our lives. You may have even looked at someone with a great beard before and thought, ‘I would love a beard like that.’ Growing a beard isn’t a by-product of laziness or not grooming; it is a way of showing that you are in fully fledge manhood.

 Beards have been looked at as masculine and held gravitas when adorned well throughout history. Some would even say that men with beards show a depth of personality that others don’t.

Oh, the compliments 

It isn’t uncommon for people to compliment a man on his beard or facial hair if looked after. Donning a great beard is undoubtedly an eye-catcher and a straightforward way for people to initiate a conversation with you. When someone with a great beard walks into a room, they are noticed, and some people can’t resist giving a compliment (or trying to feel it!).

Compliments are always good for building confidence and help you feel like you have accomplished something (which you have, considering the amount of time it takes to grow and maintain!).

Express yourself!

Beards allow a lot of creativity to flow. Depending on the length of a beard, it can be styled, braided, and dyed to help one express themselves in any way. The bearded man can also try out more daring fashion that they may not have wanted to go for when bare-faced due to the confidence that a beard can help muster.

Even shaping your beard to compliment your face shape can help when it comes to your overall look and help you to overcome some possible insecurities that you may have!

Helps create a ritual

When I say this, I don’t mean anything weird, wild, or wonderful; I am talking about self-care. Let’s be honest, how many of you have or had a self-care routine before growing a beard apart from brushing your teeth? 

 Having a beard and looking after it usually means that you are creating a routine that makes your beard shine the best way possible. Often, that includes looking after your skin too, which will help massively when it comes to the overall look you have, therefore creating more confidence as you look after yourself! Pampering yourself every day or every other day helps create that feeling of self-worth that you should definitely have!


We get it; some of us have acne that we don’t like or have a bit of an overhang on our chin that makes us feel awkward when it comes to social settings. Luckily, for men, a beard is a great way to cover these attributes so that they aren’t at the forefront of our minds when we look in the mirror! 

 Even though most of the flaws are temporary, they can still impact the overall confidence that we have to get that beard growing and let it work for you.

Last words

Building up confidence isn’t always easy but growing a beard is undoubtedly a great place to start. It can help better the view that you have about yourself and get more people talking to you and build more relationships.

Ensure that when you grow a beard, you are looking after it with beard oil or moisturizers to help it look healthy. Growing a beard and not looking after it will have the opposite effect, so ensure that you have a routine and stick to it!


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