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5 Ways to Overcome Laziness and Become Productive

5 Ways to Overcome Laziness and Become Productive

Laziness is the state of doing nothing or being idle. People sometimes tend to enjoy the life of doing nothing. However, practicing this habit will cost them a lot aside from being unproductive. If you ever felt like you wanted to succumb to laziness, here are a few tips you may try:

Practice self-discipline and avoid too high expectations – To solve laziness, you must first check its causes or reasons. Why are you feeling that way? If it is caused by a long list of activities that make you feel overwhelmed and thus, all you wanted to do is NOTHING, you need to find the nerve to combat that.

Practicing self-discipline more than laziness will help you in the long run. Self-discipline is defined as the ability to push yourself despite the urge to just lay back and watch what happens. Of course, it is better said than done, but start with small steps. You do not have to master it right away.

An example of a small step is when you wanted to put off cleaning your desk just so you can catch up with your favorite TV program. So, here’s what you do. Instead of thinking about what you will miss if you don’t watch that program, think about what a relief it would be for you when you get back to your office the following morning with your desk ready for work, and, at the end of the day, you don’t have a pile to work on and you can go home just in time for the program.

One cause of laziness is setting too high standards for yourself. If you wanted to finish three milestones in a day but you clearly can’t, most of the time, you’d feel frustrated and all you wanted to do is just rest up everything else. So, take one step at a time. Accept workloads that you know you can handle. If you are required to finish a couple of things at the same deadline and you know it isn’t going to work, then use the power of delegation.

Motivation – Among the common causes of laziness is the lack of motivation. With all the frustrations in life, any person will experience the lack of motivation at any point in time. If you ever come across getting demotivated because of what someone said, did, or simply because you don’t see results yet, remember that the only reason there are successful people in business and in the world is because these people worked past their de-motivators. As someone has quoted, “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” What a waste of time to give up on something you worked hard for just because of what you feel!

Visualization – Imagination has something to do with the kind of behaviors we portray to other people. Visualizing is simply seeing with your inner eye what the task or chores are like. You can think of it as easy and you usually find it is really easy. You can think of it as hard and you will find it is hard to work on. That’s why there are a lot of mind-conditioning programs out there like meditations, yoga, and reiki among many others. These programs help you focus and get back to the present time. They help you visualize yourself for who you wanted to become, where you wanted to be, and what you will be known for.

Always prioritize your health – Some causes of laziness are due to tiredness, sleeplessness, and hunger. To avoid sluggishness, you should always min your health. Rest and sleep at the right time whenever possible. Include a 5-minute exercise routine every morning. Exercise is known to boost your happy hormones, therefore, sourcing your physical energy to different parts of your body, eradicating sluggishness. Also, always eat healthy food and never go to your work with an empty stomach.

Put your mind on the benefit of finishing a task – Tasks and responsibilities may be easy or hard, and working until they are completed surely have rewards. This is how positive thinkers stay positive. Instead of thinking about how hard a job is, they think about what reward is waiting for them at the end of the task. Examples are salary increases because of jobs well done or probably even a promotion for consistently delivering great results!

Laziness is like any other bad behavior or habit that can be broken by practice. If you ever feel like you are being a sluggard that you are unable to meet your goals in time, then check yourself and follow these simple techniques to overcome it and become more productive.
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