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Halloween Costume Ideas for Men with Beards.

Getting Spooky with the beard: 6 different ideas for Halloween costumes when you have a beard.

Halloween allows us to get the best get up we can, head out to parties and have a blast. Often, though, you will find those dressed the same, or every year there will be a fad outfit that 1 out of 3 people will wear.

Considering the fact that you have put effort into growing and maintaining a beard, regardless of length, it opens up so many doors for you when it comes to picking what to dress for Halloween. With a bit of imagination and effort, you can be sure that the chances of someone else having the same outfit are slim.

Let's give you some snippets of costumes that you can adorn to be the life of the party!

The LumberZombie

Hear us out, Lumberjack is an easy one that a lot of different men with (or without) beards will try to pull off. Take it to the next level by adding some cuts and grazes to your face, find some fake blood and add some face paint to give a dead look. If your beard is long enough, get a fake finger and weave it into your beard as some food to keep for later!

The Lumberjack part should be straightforward enough, get a flannel shirt, some jeans, boots, and an axe. Points for the jeans and shirt being worn out and ripped to add more to the overall look.

Silent Bob

More of an introvert? This costume is perfect if you don't want to spend all night talking to people without coming across as rude, it will be a part of the character you play. Even better if you have someone that wants to take on the role of Jay.

For Silent Bob, get a baseball cap, plain t-shirt, overcoat, jeans, and some low-top sneakers. Simple and sweet, plus you get to talk to those you want to and stay silent to those you don't.

Maximus Decimus Meridius

Maximus Decimus Meridius (MDM for short) is iconic for his speech in the Colosseum. The outfit is really the only thing you need to get for this; there is no need for special effects or makeup (unless you want to do 300-style paint-on abs). Get a gladius, a gladiator outfit, and the helmet Russell Crowe has during the movie then you are all set to entertain.


This one is for those with godly-length beards with long hair, and this won't take a lot of effort to get ready for. Everyone loves wearing a toga; get one along with some sandals, wash the beard and hair and get out there. No muss, no fuss.

Ron Swanson

There are some characters that you will need to make a commitment to, such as Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation.

While the outfit is simple, consisting of a shirt, jeans, and smart shoes, the real dedication comes from facial hair. Ron's famous facial hair is a mustache, and that is it. This is a good outfit if you want to commit to shaving the beard and leaving the mustache alone.

Fat Thor

While some of the obvious outfit choices are for those that like to be active and look after themselves, this one is more inclusive. With long hair and a beard, a beer belly can do wonders at Halloween, with Fat Thor taking the cake.

Get yourself a white t-shirt, get it dirty around the chest, some pajama bottoms, and crocs. Theo last thing you need is a dressing gown, then you are set. A pair of sunglasses can also be worn to give a look a bit more to it. Now all you need to do is eat to your heart's content and drink lots of beer! Make sure your beard looks unkempt for the complete aesthetic.


The costumes mentioned are some of our favorites but can absolutely be used to get some creative juices flowing for yourself. There is no end to the number of outfits you can create; even if you want to be a bearded batman, do it.

Have fun, laugh, and continue to look after the beard with a decent cleaning routine after the main event!

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