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Are Guys With Beards More Attractive?

You have probably heard that beards are sexy. But do you know why? Beards can make men look more masculine, assertive, and rugged. They can also help distinguish you from others and help you stand out in a crowd of clean-shaven men. If these reasons sound appealing to you, then maybe it's time to grow a beard!

Beards can make you look more masculine, assertive, and rugged.

While some of the previous findings can seem obvious, others are less so. For example, one study found that beards make you look more masculine and assertive. This makes sense because these are traits that make a person attractive to women. They also found that having a full beard makes a man appear older than having thin or no facial hair at all (so if you're trying to impress someone who likes older men, it might be worth growing out that stubble).

Another study showed that bearded men were perceived as being more mature and trustworthy compared to their clean-shaven counterparts. This may have something do with evolution we associate facial hair with wisdom because our ancestors started growing them in order to appear more threatening when competing for mates during puberty!

So what does this mean for guys? If you want more dates and better first impressions from everyone around you not just girls then consider throwing away your razor once and for all!

Bearded men may be perceived as being more masculine, confident, and strong.

So, what do women really think of bearded men?

There's no denying that beards can make you look more masculine. But don't worry you'll still be attractive without facial hair. Beard lovers may claim that women love their beards because they make men look more confident, strong, and stable. And maybe you're wondering if a beard will help you get ahead in your career or business endeavors. Well, according to scientists at Duke University, it actually does! In fact, these experts found that “beards are associated with perceptions of higher levels of male dominance and masculinity." Men with beards were also perceived as wiser than those with no facial hair...and some studies even claim that women find bearded men more trustworthy! So what's the bottom line here? Bearded guys might not always win out over clean-shaven guys when it comes down to looks (sorry). But they definitely come out ahead when it comes to personality traits like confidence, trustworthiness, and wisdom...which are all qualities most women want in their partners anyway!

Beards can be used to distinguish you from others.

When you have a beard, people will remember that they've seen you before. They'll recognize your face and remark on how much your appearance has changed since the last time they saw you. This is great for distinguishing yourself from other men in your life who don't have beards. It's also helpful when making new friends or meeting new people because others will remember seeing someone with a beard before and associate that person with you!


In conclusion, beards are a great way to express yourself and let the world know who you are. It is important to remember that there are many different types of beards and styles that you can choose from. The most important thing is finding something that works for you!

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