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Leveling up your beard selfie game

One of the best things about having a phenomenal beard is having other people compliment it and how they wish they could grow a beard like that. With Social Media constantly increasing, it is a great space to get yourself out there more and, possibly, get more compliments of that man mane of yours. The only issue is that there are so many pitfalls that people, including us, fall into when taking photos with our beard, so we are going to turn you into a snapping hero in the beard selfie game.

Oil your beard

You probably already know the benefits of oiling your beard from reducing irritation, giving your beard the moisture it needs, and protecting it from various elements. Still, surely oil can’t help in photos? Well, it does. Having oil in your beard helps give it extra sheen, which is paramount when it comes to taking a killer photo. You want the light to glint off the beard? Use oil. What about giving more texture? Use oil. Not only does it look good, but beard oil will also help in controlling those rogue beard hairs and keep the beard organized.

Light is key

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking professional photos in a studio or taking some selfies while sitting in the house; light is an absolute must when taking pictures; darkness is the opposite. Before you decide to take a snap, find a good source of natural light and stay away from flash photography unless you have a high-tech camera made to filter that out. A good idea is to find a window or an overcast sky, so the light isn’t offensive but bright enough to help bring out the best in the photo itself. A good tip would be to look out of a window while taking a photo, as the light will adequately illuminate the face and beard while giving the eyes some light.

Get rid of distractions

We aren’t talking about turning off the TV or only being against a black wall; just don’t go out of your way to find an incredibly interesting background as that isn’t the focus of the photo; you and your magnificent beard are. Your beard will help provide texture to the image, and our eyes naturally draw towards texture in photographs. Therefore, that should be the main aim of the photo. Once you do take the picture, don’t just upload it; use the editing tools on your phone or camera to change the clarity or contrast to really get the photo to pop. 

Don’t be afraid of height

A common mistake when taking a photo is placing the camera too low. This can lead to having quite an unflattering picture at the wrong angle, which, in turn, will do you no favors. Do you ever notice that people raise their phones when taking a selfie? This is because it is a much more flattering angle. Your beard lines and cheekbones will be more accentuated. It is important to note, you aren’t taking a bird’s eye view photo, don’t go too high. We recommend going slightly above eye level.

Say cheese!

It is common for men to forget that they can smile, then the photo can look quite gloomy. Being a man and having a beard doesn’t mean that you need to be serious all the time. Try and do a natural smile when taking the photo; no one needs to see the wide-eyed, wide grin that could scare a ghost. Relax your face and take the best photo that you can without looking forced as it is very easy to tell when someone is forcing out a smile. 

Be selective

While trying to master the art of taking a good photo, you will take many, many bad shots or even ones that you believe you can do better, and that’s perfectly fine! Take a few different photos at different angles to get the best photo that you can; after all, you will be posting it for the whole world to see, you want to look your best. Take your time and be patient; sometimes, taking the best photo can take 10 minutes, sometimes you will get it on your first shot – the key is practice.


There is a lot more to take into account than just snapping a photo and uploading, but it is worth putting in the effort to look your best. You will get out what you put in. It is essential to still have fun, be creative and enjoy yourself; it doesn’t need to always be a fashion shoot.

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