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Beards: Are They Attractive?


Beards: Are they attractive?

Being able to grow a beard is no mean feat for a man to do, but do other people find beards attractive? While attraction may not be the main reason that you are growing a beard, it certainly is an aspect that we think is worthwhile exploring and letting you know how it sits currently in today's society. When you are on social media, scrolling through your newsfeed, Facebook, or Instagram feed, you will see many beards but do potential partners like the look?

How long?

The question isn't as simple as asking beard or no beard, there are many different stages and types of beard that men can have, so it is essential to distinguish the difference. A recent survey found that the most attractive 'face' was that with short stubble, closely followed by the clean-shaven. In 3rd place, long stubble took the spot, and just missing out on 3rd place was the full beard. Below that, you have the goatee, then the mustache, and then the circle beard. The real question then shouldn't be, 'should I grow a beard?', it should be, 'How long should I let my beard grow?'

The face

It is important to note that not all beard styles suit all faces. The shape of your face is a factor that you need to take into account. For those with a longer face, short stubble will do you better to keep the face looking lean and long rather than elongating it by having a full beard. On the other side, if you have a rounder face, a full beard is your best bet as it will help give the illusion that your face is more extended and slimmer, which is always a plus.

Condition is king

Having a beard is all well and good, but if it isn't looked after, this can turn away potential partners very quickly. Ensure that your beard is kept well by oiling and moisturizing it often and keeping it clean. The last thing that anyone wants is to have a beard that lets off an odor! When you go to your barber, ask them to shape up your beard to keep it in check and get rid of those rogue hairs that stick out. The most important aspect of having a beard is making sure that it looks clean.


Many men feel as though they have a babyface after they clean shave for the first time in a while, which isn't necessarily untrue. Some potential partners look for masculine men that look mature; luckily for men, beards do just that. Even if you look like a kid when you are clean-shaven, having a beard can help propel the aura of maturity leaps and bounds. Even better, a man with a beard looks more unique and masculine than their non-bearded counterparts, which can be a real driver in the decision of someone finding you attractive or not. Granted that not everyone is looking for a man to be masculine and look mature, many people are.

Keeping it social

This may seem odd, but having a beard can completely alter someone's perception of your social status and dominance. According to a behavioral ecology study, men and women from different cultures and backgrounds thought men with beards had a higher social status than the exact same man, only clean-shaven. Again, there is a fine line between looking well with a beard to looking like you have some hair on your face; make sure that you maintain it!

Good father, bearded father

One perception that has been made apparent through marketing is that bearded men are good with babies. That isn't to say that clean-shaven men are bad, just that the media portray a father to have a beard. This could also have something to do with the higher social status image that beards tend to give off, meaning that they would also be likely to provide for their offspring. Dixon and Vasey, 2 researchers, believe that it is due to marketing using pictures of a bearded man, masculine and strong in image, holding a baby and smiling softly. In terms of attraction, it will help when it comes to the opposite sex if they look for that type of man. 

In the end

Beards are attractive, but it is all about how you play them and use them to your advantage. Just letting it grow out isn't always the best option. Take your time and do your research; grow the beard according to the shape of your face. The most important piece of advice that we can give you make sure that you look after it. Otherwise, it will detract rather than attract.

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