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Holiday Beards


How to get your beard in the holiday spirit

With the holidays fast approaching, seeing different holiday decorations when you are out shopping, adverts appearing on TV for various gifts, etc., we thought it was time to put together a guide for holiday beards.

Get the right scent

Having a holiday beard isn’t necessarily all about looks. Beards are impressive at spreading smells (both good and bad), so you should use that to your advantage. Get a Pine scented beard oil or Holiday beard oil to help get others in the festive spirit.

One thing to consider, while applying a concentrated essential oil to your beard might sound like a great idea, don’t do it. Some essential oils can drain your beard of its much-needed moisture and cause damage to the hair itself!

Load the ‘stache

Even if you don’t have a full beard, you can still get into the holiday cheer. Depending on the length of your mustache, you can use different ornaments to make it stand out; even just hanging a decoration on each end of the mustache will add character and some fun!


With a full beard, the possibilities are endless. The amount of length that you have dictates how many different ornaments you add to your beard. Understand, though, that the expectation isn’t for you to look like a walking, talking Christmas tree. The decorations also aren’t the same ones that you would see on a Christmas tree. Otherwise, you would damage your skin and beard! You can buy different beard ornaments online that are lightweight and look good.

Beard lights

If ornaments aren’t your thing but you still want to look like you belong to the holidays, you can get beard lights! They are small enough to weave into the beard and light enough to ensure that they stay in place. Most light sets will come without a battery, though, and often will have a bulky control unit that you will need to stash somewhere.

Use what you got

Should you think, I don’t want to buy anything for this, then we have you sorted! Get outside and trim a pine tree for some clippings and get a pinecone as well as some mistletoe if you can. It may take some time to make and get right, but you haven’t spent any money on decorations! Once you have it all, you can start to create a beard wreath.

Dye it

Of course, you don’t NEED to have different items hanging from your beard to have a holiday beard. It can just come down to how it looks. Different colors are synonymous with the Holidays; for example, you could color your beard red or green, even go for a combination of the two to make it really stand out. You could also opt for a white beard too!

The great thing is that it doesn’t need to be a permanent thing. Using hair colorants, you can achieve the different look that you want and wash it out that same day, don’t worry about going to a salon.

Glitter it up

Lastly, if you really want to bring the sparkle to a party, you can use glitter. Don’t just buy random glitter, then throw it on in hopes of it sticking; get a beard glitter kit as it will have all the tools you need to get your beard looking great.

There are so many ways that you can get your beard to look its best this holiday season. You can even mix and match to get the best style for you. Be sure that you don’t do anything overly drastic, as the last thing anyone needs is to have to shave due to a seasonal mishap.

Now get out there, get your beard looking great, and spread some holiday cheer!

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