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How To Look Good Over 40


How to look good over 40

Reaching the 40th birthday is a milestone that many people dread, but it brings about a chance for change and acts as a catalyst in changing how you wear clothes. You will often see men reach this age and care less about their appearance, leading down a dark path of wearing a stained t-shirt for the 3rd day in a row (we have all been there). Style is all about you and your persona, not only about what you wear and how, but staying on top of fashion trends shows a real man's mark. You feel good when you look good, right? It's easy to look at some men's fashion trends and think, 'there is no way I could pull that off,' and that's fine. We are going to give you some tips to help you stay looking good.

Keeping it casual up top

Casual wear constantly changes with the months, but there are some absolute staples that are timeless and will keep you in check. Firstly, have a good selection of plain black and white t-shirts. T-shirts on their own don't mesmerize and set the world on fire, but they do offer a lot when it comes to clothing combinations. You could wear a white t-shirt with some faded blue jeans; there is nothing that needs to shout, 'Look at me,' keep it simple but be sure that the t-shirt is clean and pristine. 

 Another option would be to partner either a black or white t-shirt with a zipper jacket and casual pants. Have the jacket and the pants be the color and the t-shirt be your baseline. Using greys for your pants and cream for your jacket will do you wonders no matter what color you are wearing underneath.

Collared half sleeve tees are always a good one to have in the repertoire as they can be worn for both informal and smart-casual settings. By wearing plain collared tees with some slacks or jeans, you can rest assured that you won't be under or overdressed for most occasions.

Hoodies are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing and, very much like t-shirts, can be put in with some real doozies when it comes to outfits. Having some plain black and grey hoodies helps bring the wardrobe together and create a good foundation for you to work with. With hoodies primarily, combat pants work well, whether they be long-fitting or slightly short.

Then we move onto jackets and coats. We mentioned zipper jackets previously to partner with your t-shirts. Any zipper jackets you get should be plain, too; you don't want to go too extravagant with patterns and brands; the simpler, the better. Look for different fits when it comes to zipper jackets, have one oversized, a few standard fit, and one slim fit to wear with chinos and the sort.

A winter coat should always be a part of your wardrobe too. Even though the name implies Winter, they can, of course, be worn any time of the year. Don't think about getting the ripped jeans out with your winter coat; your best bet is to wear some smart-casual pants so as not to overdo it while keeping the look sharp.

It's just a formality

We all know that sometimes, you need to go a bit classier. The business suit will never let you down. From the age of 40, it is the perfect time to start wearing those suits that you have more frequently. Suits that are a good fit and simple in design give off confidence and help get your personality out there more. A tie isn't always a necessity either. If you are going for a meeting, of course, you can wear a tie to bring the outfit together more and accentuate the suit. When wearing a suit, stick to more straightforward and less flashy shades and colors as they won't go wrong. This is one of the few times that wearing a brand is a smart move as they will have already done the styling for you.

Have an event that is smart casual that you need to plan for? Have some floral-patterned half sleeve shirts and wear them with some casual trousers such as chinos. This will give you a look with some cheeky yet elegant charm. If you want the pants to be more flattering, you can fold the bottom to 2 inches above the ankle.

There is also the option of wearing some check shirts. If kept crisp and pristine, they look great when worn with some trousers showing ankles. This look will get you looking smart while maintaining the style fresh and classy.

Lastly, we have chinos, a crisp white shirt, and a casual blazer. This look is timeless and will do you well in a business meeting or at a friend's for a BBQ. For the chinos, a pair of tan or brown chinos will work best but keep the blazer a lighter color too.

The last word

Will the tips we have given get you on a fashion show? Probably not. The style you take on at this stage in life doesn't need to be flashy; you don't need to show off expensive brands to impress anyone. By having a solid wardrobe with different combinations, you will be as trendy as you can be without breaking the bank (except for the odd designer suit!). Don't overthink your style, as that is when you start wearing neon colors so that you are 'cool.' Grace and modesty will do you well in fashion; own it!

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