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The Good Beard and The Bad Beard: Celebrities

Growing a beard is one thing, but there is always a line that can be crossed that changes a beard from sophisticated and sexy to messy and creepy. Sometimes, it is hard to know where the line is. We will go through some celebrities that made the cut and those that didn’t do themselves any favors with their beard. We will start off by talking about the magnificent beards that some celebrities have donned.

The full beard

Like us mere mortals, many celebrities don’t suit being clean-shaven at all. Take Jason Momoa, for example. During his time in Game of Thrones, his beard was iconic and styled so that it looked clean even though it had some serious length. The same can be said when he was playing Aquaman. Chris Hemsworth also donned a full beard when playing Thor, and the beard has varied in length depending on what Thor movie you are watching. Quite often, celebrities will partner a full beard with long hair to really bring the look together.

Bald and bearded

The synergy between smooth heads and hairy chins has always been around. No one owns that look more than Samuel L Jackson. When Samuel did let his beard grow out entirely, it gave him a look of distinction and class that is hard to replicate. Another excellent example of looking good with a beard but no hair is Jason Statham. Statham has always rocked a stubble beard with a bald head, and it has never done him wrong.

Keeping it trim

While letting the beard grow in any way suits some, others like to have a bit more control over their facial hair. Ben Affleck always made sure that his beard was neat and trimmed to sculpt his face. This then gave him a leaner look. The same can be said of Chris Evans with a straight clean edge along his cheek to keep the beard in check.

Shaping up

Last but not least, we will talk about some good, shaped beards that some celebrities have rocked to give themselves a different look. Johnny Depp always kept his facial hair in a certain way that lent itself very well when he played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. That style of beard isn’t for everyone though, Brad Pitt tried the same type, but it just didn’t look right! Robert Downey Jr grew and shaped his facial hair to create a design synonymous with Iron Man. RDJ managed to get a beard to become recognizable for a character!

Let’s look at some of the mistakes that some celebrities have made regarding growing out their beard.

The scruffy goatee

Almost no one can really pull this look off, and we have mentioned one celeb that has attempted it but failed. Brad Pitt has gone through some profound change over his time in the limelight, but no facial hair that he had was ever as bad as when he tried to grow a goatee.

Bringing back the ‘70s

The 70s were fantastic. Great music, big parties, and roller discos. Notice that we didn’t mention facial hair? The ‘70s stache was not something that was kept on and for good reason. Even though he has braved some excellent looks, Chris Evans tried to bring the ‘70s mustache back. It didn’t work. Vince Vaughn also joined in and grew it out, but luckily, it never took off and stayed where it should have, in the ‘70s.

Will ‘o’ the-wisp

No one means to have a beard that looks wispy and that it can’t grow. Unfortunately, some of us just can’t grow a full beard; it can be hard to accept. Johnny Knoxville wouldn’t take no for an answer and let his beard grow. The sideburns were wispy and patchy, which didn’t lend well to wearing suits for events. Another culprit is Andrew Garfield, who is mainly clean-shaven. Going from clean-shaven to wispy and patchy is not a look that people admire.

Few hairs aren’t fair

We have all seen facial hair that someone has tried to grow, but they just don’t seem to be able to get any hair anywhere apart from their top lip and chin; even at that, calling it facial hair is a stretch. Celebrities can fall into that trap just as much as us. Justin Bieber is just one example of that. Trying to take on a manlier brand, Justin tried to grow out his facial hair but ended up getting what looked like 12 hairs on his top lip and some scraggly strands on his chin. Even now, it is a struggle for him to grow a full beard.

Final word

Even the rich and famous can fall foul of facial hair. Before you do decide to grow it out or shape your beard a certain way, ask other people for their opinion to gauge whether it is the right choice and avoid the mistakes that some of the people mentioned made!

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