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What Beard Products Do I Need?

Your beard is important. It's a sign of masculinity, virility and power. But the truth is that you need to take care of your beard like any other part of your body. That means grooming it with products that will keep it healthy and looking good while styling it so that you look your best.

Beard Oil

You may have heard the term "beard oil" bandied about in popular media and wondered what it is and why you should use it. Beard oil is a grooming product that moisturizes your facial hair, keeping it healthy and shiny. It also helps keep skin underneath the beard hydrated, reducing irritation while making sure you won't look like an old man when you're older than 50.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is a grooming product that helps shape your beard and keep it looking neat. It also protects your skin from irritation and moisturizes. Beard balm works by providing a barrier between the skin and environment, which means that it keeps moisture locked in and prevents dryness. This also makes your beard smell great!

Beard Wash

Beard wash is a gentle cleanser that will gently cleanse your beard without drying it out. It’s important to note that beard wash should not be used in place of shampoo because they have different ingredients and functions. You should only use beard wash if you don’t need to shampoo your hair as well.

Beard wash can be used in several ways:

  • As a face and body cleanser—Use it while you shower to clean your whole body, not just your face! This works especially well if you have dry skin or tend toward acne since most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin on other parts of the body more than on the face.

Beard Brushes, Combs and Scissors

There are a few key beard products that you should have in your grooming kit, and these include:

  • Beard brushes, combs and scissors. These are essential for maintaining your beard and keeping it in good condition. Brushing will remove any dead hairs and dirt from the surface of your facial hair, while combs can help to keep it neat and tidy by aligning the hairs. Scissors are used for trimming; use them only if you need to shorten any stray hairs or excess length at the bottom of your neckline (never at the top).
Now you know what beard products you need.

With the plethora of products out there, it can be hard to know where to start. You might think you need all of them. But not so! Here's a list of the most important beard products you'll need for your new beard:

  • Beard oil—this is essential for keeping your face clean and moisturized. It also makes your beard look healthy and shiny, which is important if you're planning on growing it out long term.
  • Beard balm—this helps keep stray hairs in line as well as providing protection against split ends and breakage (which ruins your chances at having a great-looking mane). Plus, it smells really good!
  • Beard wash—if you want to maintain a healthy appearance throughout the day (or night), then this will help keep those pesky flakes at bay without drying out your skin like soap does.
  • Brush/comb combo—a soft bristle brush works well for distributing natural oils evenly through your hair while preventing tangles; meanwhile, the comb keeps everything neat and tidy so that people won't look at you funny when they see how long everything has gotten since last week's trimming session was canceled due to inclement weather conditions outside


    We hope the information in this article has helped you determine the best beard products for your beard. Beard Swag recommends its all-natural products available at BeardSwag.com.

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