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Alex Hormozi, Stickermule & AppSumo


Every Monday we'll send out an email with 3 things that we are really excited about. It could be tech products, clothes, brands, books, beers, music, social media accounts, etc. The possibilities are endless. We'll have a great time with it and show you guys some cool stuff in the process. LFG!


An entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who's built a portofolio of successful businesses has gone all in on teaching others how it's done.. We recently came across his YouTube and new book "$100 Million Offers". He is well spoken and has a no-nonsense approach that is very entertaining.


We love giving out our stickers to friends, family and customers. There are a million sticker companies out there and we'll tell you that they are not all the same. Stickermule's quality and attention to detail is way above the others. A fun company that just recently started what they call a "happy social network" Stimulus. Check it out... Great deals on there.


Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners are almost always strapped for cash but need software/tools to grow their business. AppSumo is the perfect place to go to find low cost, high quality solutions to software needs. We've bought email marketing, copywriting, social media solutions and many other products.

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