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Canva, DJI OM5 & Connor Price


Every Monday we'll send out an email with 3 things that we are excited about. It could be tech products, clothes, brands, books, beers, music, social media accounts, etc. The possibilities are endless. We'll have a great time with it and show you guys some cool stuff in the process. LFG!

Hands down the easiest and best graphic design platform. If you've been wanting to edit photos and videos but are intimidated by the Photoshops of the world then this is the perfect tool for you. Drag and drop, We use it on a daily basis to create content.

Do you need a gimbal, selfie stick, stabilizer for your pictures & videos? The DJI OM 5 is a great tool to get you that flawless selfie, super smooth video and auto tracking. We use it for our B-rolls and it captures beautiful cinematic footage like we are pros. It's also very affordable and compact that you can bring it anywhere.

We have been watching Connorprice__ for some time now and enjoy all of his videos. His mix of great music and comedy just gets us every time. Connor is a very talented independent artist who does collaborations with other musicians around the globe. The latest collab with Bens from the Netherlands "Spinnin' is really amazing and has been extremely popular on Spotify and TikTok.

Before you go... Here are a few more things from us!

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