Monday Morning BS - TM, Yearbook & The Thirsty Scholar - Beard Swag

Monday Morning BS - TM, Yearbook & The Thirsty Scholar

Every Monday morning we'll send out an email with 3 things that we are really excited about. It could be gadgets, clothes, brands, books, beers, music, instagram accounts, etc. The possibilities are endless. We'll have a great time with it and show you guys some cool stuff in the process. LFG!


Golf season is here and we are ready for it. One of the reasons that we are prepared to get back out on the course is the new gear that we recently picked up from We absolutely love the style and fit from their clothes. They use some real high quality fabrics and fantastic designs. It will really make you look good and feel good when you are playing 18.

Check them out at and we recommend any of their polos. 

Yearbook by Seth Rogen

Seth is just a flat out hilarious human being. When we found out that he had a book about his life, it was a no-brainer that we would have to read it. He wrote SuperBad which was loosely based on his own experiences so, we knew that this book was going to be full of crazy stories. If you are not an audible subscriber yet, I would highly recommend you getting a subscription just for this book. We love it when the authors read their own books and this was probably one of the best (Mathew McConaughey crushed his delivery in Greenlight as well). Read the book, have some laughs.

The Thirsty Scholar Pub

Last week we got invited by our friends at instagram for a grand reopening of a local pub. This pub is famous for being in a pretty cool movie called "The Social Network" and can be seen in many other cooking shows. We had a blast drinking New England IPA's, listening to some great acoustic tunes and meeting some local business startups. If you are in the Boston area, pop on over to The Thirsty Scholar Pub in Somerville, MA and then make sure to get an Uber home. Also, follow on Instagram for everything Restaurant, Food & Drink.


Stay tuned via our Instagram account for a giveaway coming this week!

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