Beard Swag Weekly - The Beginning

December 07, 2019

Beard Swag Weekly - The Beginning

Hello "Beard" World!

Thank you for signing up to receive Beard Swag Weekly. We are really excited to be getting our blog up and running. It has been a tremendous journey getting the website up, preparing products and building this amazing Beard Swag community that YOU are part of. We are super pumped to be able to communicate with all of you and start building long lasting relationships. 

So, Tim Ferriss is a big inspiration to us and similar to his 5-Bullet Fridays, we wanted to create a blog that discusses some of the coolest things we've found around the internet and beard community: promotions, products, music, books, etc. AND do a feature section called BEARD OF THE WEEK. 

If you know anyone else that would be interested in this, please forward it along and encourage them to sign up. We are building a kick-ass community and want as many like-minded individuals like yourself involved.

Let's Goooooooo! (in Tom Brady voice)


What's Hot on Social right now.

Typically we would highlight a specific post or account that we are really enjoying right now, but today we are going to talk about an entire social media platform. And that platform is TikTok. It is so hot right now and it seems pretty unbelievable given the number of other platforms around. If you don't believe me, just listen to our friend Gary V rant about it! Escapism is a real thing my friends and TikTok definitely offers that to us. We go on there and just get lost in the number of super talented people creating interesting videos. We're in awe of the number of talented people in this world. Beard Swag has entered the world of TikTok, and we're looking to crush it on there. 

What we are watching.

Imagineering on Disney+. The Beard Swag family recently visited Disney World in Orlando and we got caught up in all of the Disney Magic, BIG TIME! The new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Avatar's Pandora sections within the Disney parks were so unreal, we were in complete awe. We were intrigued by how detailed and authentic-looking the areas were, that upon returning home we wanted to learn more about how Disney created them. What we found was a documentary called Imagineering, which described how the Disney empire was started. The documentary details the beginning of Disney, Walt and his original ideas, and the challenges and creativity behind-the-scenes. It's definitely worth watching.

What we are jamming to.

Beard Swag is big into the country music scene. We went to 6 or 7 country concerts in the Boston area just this spring/summer. Seriously, even if you are not a country fan, you need to go see a country show or two. There is a great feel to these shows; happy people drinking and having a good ol' time. The vibe is super authentic and you get the feeling that each performer that steps on stage is extremely grateful to be there.

Thomas Rhett

Recently, we've been jamming to Blessed by Thomas Rhett. The song is just flat out fire! Rhett sings about how he is not lucky for what he has (a beautiful wife, and kids, etc) but,that he is truly blessed. For those of you who do have an amazing wife or significant other (including Beard Swag CEO), you can relate to this. Check it out and if you've shed a tear, let me know so that I can write about it in the next blog!

Quote of the week.

We post quite a few quotes on our Instagram Stories page, so if you are into quotes like we are, get over there and check it out. We will be creating a highlights section soon to include all of them. The quote that's hitting home this week is: "Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other" - Randy Pausch. Lately, we have been really trying to talk to our kids about being kind and thankful. This quote resonated with us right away, especially being so close to Thanksgiving. Let's be honest, being kind is not that hard, so just Be Kind. 

Books we are reading.

Beards and books go together like Scotch and Yule logs. We read a lot of books and want to tell you all about them, but we will just start with the most recent: Mat Best's Thank You For My Service is a flat out bad-ass book. Dude slays everything in sight (literally). Military, beards, guns...check, check, and check. Read it and let us know what you think.

Products we really love.

It's great to be sitting on your couch ready to turn the Patriots game on. We now just say Alexa: turn on the F*cking TV and tune in to the sports station. To do that, we recently picked up one of these Fire TV Cubes and it's been a real game changer!. Ask Alexa and she will deliver. We recommend it, especially if you are a cord cutter. 

Beard of the Week.

The first one definitely has to go to one of Beard Swag's loyal friends. This may be one of the hardest working Instagram influencers we know. The Dude just gets after it. @blackheartaf. Check him out on Instagram and make sure you follow and support his ass. 

Blackheartaf Instagram


Check out THE WOODSMAN Beard oil and balm on sale this week only. To tell you the truth, this is one of our favorites. Sandalwood Vanilla and hints of lime. Just typing that makes me smile!


Have a great weekend!


Vinnie @ Beard Swag