Beard Swag Weekly - Together

April 11, 2020

Beard Swag Weekly - Together

Hello "Beard" World,

Hope you are all safe and well. We understand that we are in the middle of some really tough times but, understand that we are all in this together and will get through it together. At this moment we are healthy and working extremely hard to bring you some amazing new products, content and features. That means some long days that turn into late nights, but when you choose a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life. That is exactly how we feel when working on The Swag. Also, we are super excited about our recent connections with influencers and ambassadors on the various social platforms. Our goal is to really grow our brand and provide more customers with the best premium products on the market.




What I'm watching.

Dude Perfect. My 7 year old is a lover of trick shots and bottle flips. Recently, she came across Dude Perfect on YouTube and has been either laughing hysterically at their antics or flipping things all over my house. She has gotten me back into watching them and enjoying how creative they really are. Trick shot videos from The Swag could be a possibility in the never know!


Beer I'm drinking

Medusa Brewing - Summon The Queen - This lush stout is brewed with lactose sugar to ensure a rich body and was fermented with an English yeast strain. Conditioned with cocoa nibs and some nice Guatemalan coffee is heaven in a glass. I’ve recently gone to stouts as the finisher of the night. It’s the last beer and you want that big flavor to shut it down, so this bad boy will do it for you. Actually, to be honest, it usually ends up being the final two, cause it's so damn good.

Search #BeardSwagDrinks on Twitter to see features on some of our favorite beers and breweries.

Medusa Brewing Summon the queen


Song I’m jamming to

Good Time by Niko Moon is just absolute fire. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat the last week or so. The laid back, feel good vibe makes me think about summer and driving down to the beach. The feeling of rollin’ down the windows as you’re pulling on to ocean drive. Listen to it and you’ll get it!

Listen to his other songs as well. They are perfect for getting that mood up!

 Niko Moon - Good Time


Beard Swag Product I’m using

This week I have been crushing the tin of The Gentleman Beard Balm. The hold is spot on and the Polo aroma is super sophisticated. I catch myself throughout the day just pausing and taking in the amazing scent Addictive for sure! 

I have a discount code for it below. Try it for yourself.


Quote of the week

“The happiest people are the ones that make others happy.” That quote just speaks to a lot of what we are about. Beard Swag is really about connecting with the community of people that we have on different social platforms. We truly enjoy featuring members and helping out in any way that we can. If they are happy with us, with the content, with themselves…then so are we.


Beard of the Week.

Peter Giachino is this week’s BOTW. Peter’s fashion game is complete Fire! He looks good in whatever he’s got on, be it some designer clothes or just jeans, t-shirt and a Celtics hat (we love the C’s). We also love the adventures he takes with his little princesses and the pictures he posts of them. Catch him on his instagram @Peeter_g_beard.

Peeter G Beard



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Be Safe - Stay Home


Vinnie @ Beard Swag