The Woodsman Beard Balm

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A guy who’s walking next to a big blue ox doesn’t have a lot to fear from the world. That’s how you’ll feel when you put on The Woodsman beard balm. Even more important, you’ll have the confidence of a man ready to take on the world and win.

Cedar and orange marry to sandalwood and vanilla to create The Woodsman, a perfect combination that will have you wearing flannel or at least walking like you have an axe over your shoulder.

Product: (1) 2oz The Woodsman Beard Balm.

Features/Specs: A hint of Sandalwood and cedar orange with an amazing blend of various 100% organic essential oils, Shea butter and beeswax.

Directions: Melt desired amount in between fingers and rub into beard. Beard balm may be better for guys looking to tame and condition the hair, locking the essential oils providing moisturizing all day long.

May contain allergens. Do a small skin test before use.

Handcrafted And Packaged In The USA

100% Guarantee.